Elbenzauber (Elves-Magic), variety: Everest

Elbenzauber (Elves-Magic), variety: Everest


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Elbenzauber (Elves-Magic), variety: Everest

General product description (detailed description of the individual varieties below):
These first-class incense sticks are rare. You get 100% original ELBENZAUBER. Elbenzauber Incense sticks are natural, handmade Masala-quality incense sticks. The range of the ELBENZAUBER incense sticks ranges from long-burning heavy, sweet fragrances to light, spicy or fresh-aromatic varieties. The reason for this diversity lies in the purity of the basic substances of vegetable nature. Herbs and roots (fennel, vetiver, camphor, etc.) can be harmoniously used, as well as flower essences, rinds, spices (eg cinnamon), resins (olibanum, mastic, etc.), honey, natural oils and finally aromatic woods (for example: Red and white sandalwood, aruru wood, and much more).

Weight / Content: 15g = 1 packet (Each package contains 15g (9-18 incense sticks), depending on the ingredients, the different varieties are different in thickness, so the quantity varies).
Origin: India
Processing: hand-rolled, natural, highest quality
Accessories: Incense Stick Holders, please find 
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Description of the individual varieties:
1. Everest
Dwarf hododendron and other flowers from the Himalayas, with honey, tree resins and arur leaves give this composition of wildly collected ingredients a sweet scent, very positive energy, warmth and security. They also have an effect on the senses


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Elbenzauber (Elves-Magic), variety: Everest

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